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If your suffering from a mental health condition it can be hard to see a way out and sometimes impossible for those who love you to see an end to the pain. Hope is always there people do recover and it is possible for you to recover. A psychologist can help and we can help you find the right psychologist. A Sydney drug and alcohol rehabilitation might be appropriate. If you are unsure there is now great information to be found online.

Most psychologists now have a tone of material online that can be helpful and provide you with enough mental clues for you to asses if they are the right therapist for you.

If you have never tried therapy before and feel scared or confronted at the thought of entering therapy do not panic. This is perfectly normal and speaking to someone, a friend, a GP or a free support service can help this process.

Choosing a local psychologist

We highly recommend finding a therapist who is local as keeping things local makes therapy that bit easier to attend. Sometimes the duration of therapy needed might be long. If your traveling 1 hour to therapy this may become somewhat difficult.

What to expect in therapy

Although everyone’s therapy will be different it is important to have great expectations that yes your life can change. You can overcome the hurts of the past or challenges of the present. Therapy is not always short, sometimes people have the expectation that therapy will be short and they will be fixed in a few weeks. Generally, this is not the case all research agrees that for moderate depression 15-20 sessions is required, moderate anxiety 12-15 sessions. Every case is different and sometimes therapy will be short.

We help in finding you the right psychologist for your situation if you or a loved one suffering feel free to contact at any time.

Choosing the right psychologist who specializes in Anxiety

Psychotherapy can be an amazing journey and we wish everyone who is on this journey a pleasant experience. Therapy can change your life and we really hope it does. Choosing the right therapist will help you achieve a more happier you. Working with a psychologist can be hard at first and we are the first ones to admit that. Too many people give up to quick, the trick with therapy and working with a psychologist is to keep going no matter what. Always look for someone who specializes in the exact issue you may be having. It ensures you receive treatment from someone who sees’s your problem day in and day out.