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ANXIETY-Mid life crisis, social anxiety, work anxiety, death anxiety, phobias, financial anxiety and more.

DEPRESSION-Mood disorders, traetment resistant depression, life circumsdtances depression.

DRUG ADDICTION-Ice, Marijuana, heroin, cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy, and Amphetamines

ALCOHOL ADDICTION-Chronic, mild, moderate and binge drinking

If you are suffering from any of the above it is a great idea to contact your local GP as the first point of contact. If you are in an emergency go to your local hospital or call 000. Drug and alcohol addiction is widely spread and those suffering need help. Don’t be scared to reach out it is nothing to be ashamed of.

What if I don’t really want to change

This is a very common thing when people first enter therapy we can still work with you and help you. A lot of people who enter therapy often say they don’t really want to change but are here for there partners. Generally, we will rather try and work on some of the small things you do want to change. Everyone has something they would like to do better or be better at. Changing who you are is no small task and often requires dedication commitment and will. Most will stumble at first, however, we guarantee those who choose to stick to their recovery will have a pleasant surprise.

I don’t think my condition is that bad do I really need help?

This is also a very common question or statement. If your being pushed into therapy by loved ones it is your choice on whether you participate or not. In this circumstance, we might suggest family therapy or couples counseling before you start seeing a therapist one on one. Not many who enter therapy against there wishes to end up doing well in therapy you have to want to do it. When in doubt we can’t stress the importance of speaking to your local GP as the first point of call. A psychologist can and will help you create a better life for yourself. The research is compelling those who do attempt recovery do have a better outcome than those who don’t.