Am i eligible to use Suny Clinic Services?

Suny Clinic is a service for anyone in the community looking for help. We do not discriminate on age, race or financial status. We hold dear that anyone suffering should be able to access help. On the northern beaches sometimes this can be hard to access a provider who will bulk bill that is a high quality practitioner.


Therapy is sometimes thought of a place where rich people go and discuss problems that the average person wish they had. As times evolve it is now an accepted thing for someone to see a psychologist.

Am i too old for therapy?

No it is a growing need that the elderly engage in therapy. The ageing population face many struggles and should not be excluded from getting help. Therapy is now for all ages young and old.

Am i too young for therapy?

No therapy for young people has gained huge popularity. It is important that young children, should they need to see a therapist, only see a therapist who is specifically trained in therapy with children. Parents should also ensure that this therapist has a ” working with children” police check.

What if i don’t like therapy?

There are many many different types of therapies and therapeutic techniques. It is often useful to do some research before embarking on choosing a therapist. Firstly, ask around. Do you know anyone who has had successful treatment with a therapist? Could they recommend anyone to you? or could their therapist recommend one to you? Secondly, call a few therapists up and have conversations with them on the phone and see who you like the sound of. Finally, in the beginning, book a few first sessions with different therapists- you will very quickly discover who seems like a good fit and who doesn’t.