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Psychology is a process in which someone seeks an external person for help in some area of there life. It is now a very accepted practice and no longer if you are seeing a therapist are you considered insane crazy or that there is something majorly wrong with you.

At some point in time most Australians have spoken to a therapist either for themselves or a loved one.

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Are all Psychologists the same?

No psychologists have very different training some specialise in anxiety some specialise in alcohol and drug addiction, while others specialise purley in research and never do any one on one talk therapy. Nowadays a growing trend for many Australian businesses is to have there own business psychologist who analysis marketing, team morale and many other business related aspects.

How Long do i need to be in therapy

This is a common question with many different answers. In traditional psychoanalysis people may be in treatment several times a week for up to 10 year periods of duration. traditional psychonalysis is not very common nowadays and has been overtaken in modern psychology by the modern CBT model.

CBT is short term therapy and there are many practitioners that advertise you will be cured in a few sessions or short period of duration.

We at Suny Clinic sit in the middle of both models and believe there is no set duration period but rather therrapy should be for as long as you need.

How much does it cost

Therapists on the northern beaches generally charge between 180-220$ we provide several options and are willing to help you find a bulk bill therapist should you need one. We believe everyone should be entitled to help should they need it and we have several practitioners who carry a certain amount of lower income cliental.