How long should i stay in therapy for?

People attend therapy for a host of different reasons, and so their treatment schedules will also look different. Some people, due to their mental health issues will need to stay in treatment for years, while others, who come for less distressing issues will stay for shorter periods. It is really up to the individual. What is important though is that you discuss what your treatment schedule will look like with your therapist in the initial session. It can always be changed later on down the track, but it should be something that is agreed upon and out in the open between therapist and client.

What if i have an issue with my therapist or treatment?

If your therapist does or says something that you feel uncomfortable with, you are well within your rights to express yourself to them and sway so. Some therapists may struggle to hear this feedback, but a skilled practitioner will be able to use this feedback to deepen the therapeutic outcomes for the client. If you do try to tell your therapist that you are unhappy with them and they don’t deal with it well, and you try again and the same outcome occurs, it is possibly worth looking to see another therapist. If you do change therapists, it is important that you let the new therapist know what hasn’t worked for you previously.